History of the Zarpedon Dahl Historical Society

Dahl proudly boasts the highest quality in everything it produces, and record keeping is no exception.


Doctor Clio Zarpedon, Chief of DHS

Clio Zarpedon joined Dahl’s Clerical Administration and rapidly rose in rank. After one year of employment, her predecessor passed away. Having demonstrated remarkable aptitude and commitment, Zarpedon was promoted to Chief of Records.

Under Zarpedon, the Records Department was restructured into the robust pinnacle of high-tech record keeping and historical investigation that it is today. Dr. Zarpedon, who by this time held PHDs in three relevant fields, revolutionized the once droll world of history and turned it into an in-depth, factual, engaging library.

The DHS has a library hosting records of myriad historical events from the six known galaxies. Per Dr. Zarpedon’s recommendations, following is a list of notable and relevant topics.

The Birth and Rise of Handsome Jack

Dahl and Hyperion – What Went Wrong?

Honeywell – Before Homestead

Dahl Associates & Employees on Pandora

Rakkman: Man, or myth?

This list and site is under construction. We appreciate your continued patience and loyalty as Dahl works to convert ECHOnet content into a non-HUD compatible format.

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