Employee Profile – Dr. Clio Zarpedon

About Doctor Clio Zarpedon

Head of Dahl Historical Society, Polygalactic Historian, Deep Technology Specialist, MD

Dahl Historical Society and Preservation of Polygalactic History

Dr. Clio Zarpedon’s Dahl Historical Society investigates, records, and maintains the six known galaxies’ major historical events, without political bias. 

Historical events of note include Atlas’ illegal occupation of Dahl territory on Tantalus and the resulting Dahl/mercenary alliance, early Hyperion Corporation activities on Pandora and their betrayal of Dahl, and a detailed account of Handsome Jack’s life and rise to power.

Family and Career

While her sister Tungsteena joined the Dahl Military Corp, Clio opted for one of Dahl’s more cerebral career paths. 

She began as a file clerk in Dahl’s Records Department and by the time a year had passed, she ran the department. She discovered the wonders of delegation and spent more time earning her PHDs in Deep Technology, Polygalactic History, and General Medicine. 
After graduating her focus turned back to Dahl Records, which she restructured into what is now the pinnacle of factual accounting: the Dahl Historical Society.

Dr. Zarpedon is currently at an undisclosed location conducting classified research.

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