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Dahl’s ECHOnet, Freely Available to All

History and Development of Dahl’s ECHOnet on Pandora, and Free Distribution of ECHO Terminals

ECHOnet’s Halted Progress

Dahl arrived on Pandora decades before the events that would come to be known as Tales of the Borderlands, to begin mining operations on the planet, whose surface was rich with Eridium and other materials. Pandora enjoyed prosperity and an unmatched quality of life, until the other corporation on Pandora, Atlas, acted to aggressively force Dahl off the planet. This was accomplished in a stroke of two actions.
borderlands crimson lance assassin
Atlas Crimson Lance Assassin
Atlas simultaneously sent assassins after top Dahl executives while also deploying the full might of their military force, the Crimson Lance, to Pandora. The Crimson Lance carried out attacks and sieges on Dahl facilities, taking advantage of the limited Dahl forces (Dahl does manufacture weapons, however we believe violence is not always the answer. For this reason, and to avoid our enterprises on Pandora being mistaken for a military occupation, we at Dahl Corporation decided to send only the number of soldiers necessary to protect employees, citizens, communities, and facilities.) The sudden aggression from Atlas’ actions forced Dahl to abandon almost all ventures on the planet, including but not limited to the complete overhaul of our ECHOnet framework, which had nearly been completed by Erik Franks, Taylor Kobb, and John Harkens (Handsome Jack).
borderlands crimson lance defender
Atlas Crimson Lance Soldier, Defender-Class

Completion of ECHO Network Upgrade, and Subsequent Free Use

Dr. Patricia Tannis traveled to Pandora two years before the planet-wide eviction of Atlas and abandonment of all Crimson Lance forces. After a short time she successfully completed their task, but in the process managed to make it permanently available to anyone for free. Tannis’ inquiry statement was as follows: “I cannot recall how this came to pass.” (It has also been summarized for clarity and decency.)
Dahl decided to turn this to our advantage. Since we were unable to charge for access to our ECHOnet, why should we charge for the devices connecting us? Taking a leap of faith, Dahl developed and distributed ECHO devices to anyone and everyone, free of charge. That practice continues to this very day!
dahl echo device from borderlands
Dahl ECHO-2 Device
This simple gesture has brought us exposure and led to many successful enterprises, and it taught us the true value of simply taking care of your fellow person. Now, Dahl can be seen everywhere and we are the most trusted brand in the six known galaxies. Everyone wins, and it’s all thanks to you, our loyal and much appreciated customers.
Claim your free Dahl ECHO device by registering an account at your nearest Dahl vending machine or other official location today!
Dahl ECHO devices subject to availability and are only free-of-charge on the following planets/moons/systems: Pandora, Elpis, Promethea, Eden Prime, Eden-2, Eden-3 Eden-5, Eden-6, Athenas, and we are proud to now support Nekrotafeyo.

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