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Dahl Employees and Former Associates on Pandora

Pandora Employees and Associates of Dahl

In the interest of transparency, Dahl Historical Society has obtained permission to publish certain information regarding current and previous Dahl employees, as well as persons connected to major events on Pandora and with Dahl. This is yet another effort to further our mission of uncovering Pandora’s true history and the events that have transpired.

Dahl Warden – Former
As warden, Flynt was tasked with managing the rehabilitated miners in all aspects. When Dahl discontinued operations on Pandora, Flynt chose to stay behind. Upon our exit, he freed the entire ex-convict population (who had deteriorated to a great extent) and branded himself as their leader. He claimed Thor, a Dahl mining platform, as his home base and wreaked havoc from Sanctuary to Fyrestone until killed by Vault Hunters. Note: according to recovered ECHO logs recorded by his brother Captain Flynt, and corroborated by the other brother Zane, Flynt’s first name actually is Baron, just as Captain Flynt’s first name is Captain. Captain Flynt then refers to their parents as “douchebags.”
baron flynt from borderlands
Baron Flynt, Post-Exodus
Dahl Foreman – Former
Shep Sanders immigrated with his family to Pandora to oversee mining operations at Dahl’s Headstone Mine. He was not present for the discovery of the unknown technology in the mine, but learned of it and discovered Sledge (then called Saul) had stolen Dahl property. He reported the action and Sledge would soon respond by skinning Shep’s family and making a tent out of their skin. Shep formed a partnership with Handsome Jack, then a humble Hyperion programmer known as John, when John moved to Fyrestone and began work on the new Fast Travel System. He would later reveal to Handsome Jack the location of New Haven, leading to its destruction. One former Vault Hunter, Crimson Raider, and bandit gang leader responded to this news by squishing his eyes and crushing his skull. The Chief Slab could not be reached for comment.
shep sanders from borderlands
Shep Sanders, Post-Exodus, Pre-Betrayal
Dahl Rehabilitation Alumni, Dahl Mining Guild Officer – Former
Saul Edge worked closely with Foreman Sanders at the Dahl Headstone mine, after completing Dahl’s rehabilitation program and joining the ranks of our distinguished mining guild. Starting out with a pickaxe and determination, Saul worked his way up the ladder until he was a chief officer in the Dahl Mining Guild. He was present for the discovery of an unknown technology inside the mines, and stole an artifact from the Dahl-owned facility. When his mind began to deteriorate, along with many other miners’, his speech and judgement were severely affected. He began to call himself “Sledge” and leveraged his power within the mining guild to recruit followers from among the ranks of also-deteriorating soon-to-be bandits. Before claiming the Dahl Headstone for himself and establishing a base of criminal operations north of the mine, Sledge hunted down Shep Sanders’ family and skinned them, sparing Shep. He made tents out of their hides for reasons still unknown.
sledge from borderlands
Sledge, Post-Exodus
Eridian Expert, Xeno-archaeologist, Former Dahl Archaeologist
doctor patricia tannis from borderlands
Dr. Patricia Tannis
Dr. Patricia Tannis traveled to Pandora to oversee archeological investigations into possible alien technology, presumably related to the cache of technology unearthed on Promethea. At the time of Dahl’s forced exodus by Atlas military, Dr. Tannis was unable to attend the evacuation.
Her secondary assignment was to complete the perfection and expansion of the ECHOnet system. Erik Franks, Taylor Kobbs, and John Harkens (Handsome Jack) had nearly completed the vast network, when Atlas acted upon their desire to force Dahl off of Pandora. With all contact cut, the project came to a halt. Dr. Tannis completed the work and made the ECHOnet available across Pandora, and made possible expansion to all our customers everywhere.
Chief of Dahl Historical Society, Deep Investigative Researcher, General Physician
See Dr. Zarpedon’s employee profile for detailed information.
Primary Pandoran Physician and Doctor (license revoked), Headmaster and Professor of Doctor Zed’s School of Medicine (closed for…reasons)
Doctor Zed claims to have grown up on Pandora, which may well be possible, but that would mean his parents were either Truxican (the indigenous peoples of Pandora), or Dahl employees transplanted to Pandora in the early days of colonization. As a long-time resident of Fyrestone, Dr. Zed has seen many sides of Pandora. From the days of Dahl prosperity to the post Spring awakening of local predators and vicious bandit raiding parties, Zed has been there for it all. Nowadays he spends his time travelling Pandora in “Zed’s Portable Med Clinic.”
doctor zed from borderlands
Dr. Zed
Dahl Technician and ECHOnet Specialist – Former
Franks was a good friend to Taylor Kobb and worked closely with him on their main project, the expansion of Dahl’s ECHOnet across Pandora. He lived in Old Haven and moved to New Haven along with most of the other residents, despite seeming to hate everything about the town. Long after his employment with Dahl concluded, Erik Franks was used by Handsome Jack for controversial slag experimentation, and is presumed dead.
erik franks from borderlands
Erik Franks
Bouncer, Moxxi’s (watering) Hole – Former
In the prosperous days of Pandora under Dahl leadership, both Fyrestone and Haven (now called Old Haven after the residents moved, establishing New Haven) were thriving, industrial cities with busy trade routes. The road connecting Haven and Fyrestone was perhaps one of the busiest, and right at its center was Cantown. Jaynis Kobb, then a resident of Fyrestone and bouncer at a local nightclub (Moxxi’s Hole), would later become de facto Mayor of Cantown (and rename it Jaynistown) after wresting its leadership from bandits in the wake of Dahl’s departure from Pandora. His brother Taylor, who lived in Old Haven, was Jaynis’ nemesis from birth, and eventually the two would use a Vault Hunter to kill each other, only to both be killed by the same Vault Hunter.
jaynis kobb from borderlands
Jaynis Kobb Post-Exodus
Dahl Technician and ECHOnet Specialist – Former
Jaynis Kobb’s brother and nemesis from birth. While Jaynis lived in Fyrestone, Taylor put down roots in Old Haven, working with Erik Franks to establish world-wide ECHOnet access on Pandora. After opting not to leave when Dahl withdrew from Pandoran operations, Taylor turned his focus back to Jaynis. Both had been trying to kill each other for their whole lives, and Taylor eventually succeeded by sending a Vault Hunter to do the deed. After Jaynis was dead and Jaynistown renamed Taylortown, some technological improvements were quickly seen in the former Cantown. Gatling gun turrets are a notable example. This was likely due to his work as a technician for Dahl, and had he not also been murdered by the same Vault Hunter he hired, may have accomplished great things on Pandora.
taylor kobb from borderlands
Taylor Kobb Post-Exodus

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