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Rakkman: Man or Myth?

Exposé on ‘Rakkman,’ the legendary vigilante of Pandora who may or may not be a bandit

Man or Myth? What we know about Rakkman

rakk man
Residents of Pandora have long reported sightings of a mysterious vigilante who local newspapers dubbed, “Rakkman.” From bandit raiding parties suddenly going silent to stolen goods being recovered and anonymously returned, acts of heroism coupled with the sightings lead many to believe that Rakkman is a misguided agent of justice. Most recently there has been a spotlight with the outline of a rakk visible at night near Carnivora, known to locals as the “Rakksignal.”
rakk signal in sky from borderlands 3
After the discovery and apparent demise of Rakkman (Hyperion officials declined to comment on the existence of a New-U backup), Dahl Historical Society secured an interview with the Vault Hunter responsible. According to the mercenary, Rakkman’s cave (Rakkcave) is hidden in the face of the mountain just underneath the Rakksignal.

The Rakk Cave – Rakkman’s Lair

rakkman cave entrance
Inside the cave is an array of computer screens and surveillance technology. One can assume that this is where Rakkman monitored criminal activities across Pandora.
the rakk computer
Rakkman’s Rakk Computer and Surveillance System
rakk cave with batcomputer
The Rakk Cave
We surmise that the small enclosure on the right acts as Rakkman’s living quarters. Judging by the size of accommodations, we suspect that Rakkman was a former member of the military, and is used to such minimal-comfort situations. At Dahl, we have no records in our corporate defense contractor database that match Rakkman’s description.
shipping container house and outhouse
Rakkman’s tiny house, and potty
minimal kitchen
According to the Vault Hunter, when Rakkman first appeared he did not notice her presence.
rakkman candit
Candid Rakkman

Rakkman’s Final Fight, or was it?

Unfortunately, as soon as he noticed the mercenary he attacked. One can only assume he thought she was there to collect the bounty on his head.
rakkman sees you
After fending off his advance the Vault Hunter concluded that peaceful negotiations would not be possible, and would therefore need to use lethal force.
Rakkman’s projectile weapons: “Rakkarangs”
Rakkman slams into ground with unearthly force
Rakkman slams into ground with unearthly force
Rakkman breaks through defensive shield and goes in for the kill
Rakkman breaks through defensive shield and goes in for the kill

Local accounts of Rakkman

“This was no run-of-the-mill psycho. This guy definitely had some kind of training. And he didn’t scream anything crazy about meat bicycles or ribcages. Didn’t scream anything. Completely silent. Kinda unnerving. In the end though, he was just another scrub.” said the Vault Hunter. We set out to collect further information on Rakkman and statements from citizens of Pandora.
“Kill the rakk! Eat the man! Ribcage slaughter circus in the spleeeeeeeeen!” said a local bandit, who proceeded to throw a buzzaxe straight up in the air. We did not wait to see where it landed.
“Rakkman? Sure, we’ve heard of ‘im,” said Ma Honeywell of the Honeywell Homestead. “Pa and I always did want to have him over for supper, you know, if he’s real and all.”
“I may not be a real doctor, but I am the only physician on this planet. So I’ve patched up all kinds of psychos, bandits, mercenaries, you name it I’ve fixed it.” said the resident medical expert on Pandora, Doctor Zed, owner and proprietor of Zed’s Meds. “I don’t remember everyone clearly as I could mind you, but there was this one fella who stood out from the rest. Stumbled into the old Dr. Zed’s School of Medicine back before that got shut down, all bloody and bruised. As I recall, he wore a strange mask and outfit, but not like the rest o’them psychos. He required a great deal of surgery, and I distinctly remember him saying that money was no object. I never heard a bandit say nothin’ like that.” When we asked how the mystery man received his injuries, Zed’s reply was: “I don’t ask.”
Rakkman has been reportedly sighted across the planet, with one apparent former base of operations in The Fridge. No word on why this base was abandoned, but we expect that Rakkman’s lack of shirt led to hypothermia and pointy nipples.
The remains of Rakkman
The remains of Rakkman

Final Thought: Will Rakkman Return?

According to reports, this is not the first time a Rakkman has met his end by the hands of a Vault Hunter. Seven years before the defeat of this Rakkman, there was a battle in The Fridge between a Rakkman who closely matched this description of this Rakkman and a Vault Hunter. The only difference between the two is this Rakkman from years before was no mute; he referred to the death of his parents, his mother’s pearl necklace, and called himself Throatscratch, a self-deprecating reference to the deep raspy tone of his vigilante voice. The desperate energy of the first Rakkman could mean it was a different man under the mask, but this could also indicate that within seven years he was able to calm his mind. Age can do that. Did the first Rakkman die, only for another to take up his mantle? Or was he brought back to life by the New-U System? Either way, these two possibilities mean we will probably see Rakkman, or a new Rakkman, again very soon. Keep your eyes in the sky for the Rakksignal. We will continue our research and update as information becomes available.

What do you think of Rakkman? Do you think he is a crazed lunatic, or a vigilante by night and upstanding citizen by day, perhaps some unidentified undercover member of the 1% with vast resources? Who do you think he is? Is he a billionaire socialite, or a disgruntled veteran of the Corporate Wars? We want to hear your thoughts!

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