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Digistruct Technology

Digistruct Technology – Process, History, Application

Digistructing is the process of constructing a physical object using a digital blueprint and broken down molecules of equal or similar mass. Until recently, much about digistruct technology was either unknown or proprietary, but is now available here thanks to Dahl’s Dr. Clio Zarpedon’s investigative research.

Origins of Digistruct Technology

Digistructing is based on remnants of a great civilization that disappeared before mankind existed: the Eridians. Eridian ruins, initially discovered by Atlas on Promethea, contained enough intact (or almost intact) weaponry and technology to study, then replicate or adapt.

Eridian technology and the science behind it is still mostly unknown, but through multi-corporation cooperation we have been able to create a whole new way to live, and significantly improved average quality of life. Not just through digistruct technology, but also through a host of other innovations.

Examples of Digistruct Tech Applications

By now, digistruct technology is so widely available that the exact number of applications is difficult to estimate. However, here are some designs that utilize digistruction:


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