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Dahl and Hyperion: What went wrong?

The Dahl/Hyperion Alliance and its Conclusion

When Dahl Corporation first began general resource, Crystalisk, and Eridium mining operations on Pandora, the cost to transport volunteers between planets was steep. While we are the premiere manufacturer of industrial machinery and high quality weaponry, no organization can succeed without inter-company cooperation.

It is for this reason that Dahl Corp accepted a joint operation proposed by Hyperion Corporation. Hyperion was in the early stages of developing its Fast Travel Network, and did not have access to a key component: Dahl’s ECHOnet.

Dahl’s Role in Development of Fast Travel Network

fast travel terminal from borderlands

In return for access to our ECHOnet system, Hyperion agreed to set up their first Fast Travel Terminals on Pandora and grant Dahl exclusive use. Dahl employees monitored and advised Hyperion programmers and technicians as the technology was perfected, but only in ECHOnet or Dahl-specific fields.

Dahl had no knowledge of the problems inherent in the Generation 0 Fast Travel Terminals, nor was Dahl aware that prior human testing had not been performed. Dahl values its employees and volunteers, and would never knowingly place them in harm’s way.

Early Fast Travel Problems

computer screen of digistructor, saying excessive farts detected
Generation 0 Experimental Fast Travel Terminal
The first Fast Travel Terminals were larger than what you see everywhere today. Also unlike current models they were interactive; there was a screen and buttons for input. Each built terminal was accompanied by a digistruction plate about the size of a large vehicle.

When Dahl researchers arrived on Pandora to check Hyperion’s progress, they witnessed a startling spectacle. What they described was, to say the least, bizarre.

As the Hyperion technician activated the Fast Travel Terminal’s ‘Traveler Request’ (notifying the machine on a different planet that it is ready to receive a passenger, the rest of the crew stepped backwards dozens of feet. After hitting the last button the technician also retreated to a safe distance.

The terminal began breaking down the equal-mass materials placed on the digistruction plate, preparing itself to construct a human body. Then it began reaching for different materials. The exact amount of mass it consumed for one human being is unknown, but we do know that at least four Dahl employees and ten to twenty Pandoran citizens were killed as a result of Hyperion’s recklessness.

Dahl suspended Hyperion’s access to our ECHOnet and conducted a thorough investigation of the FTN. What we discovered surprised us.

Dahl’s Findings

When a terminal receives a passenger for transport, the body is reduced to a molecular level and converted into code, which is sent via the network to its destination. The destination terminal converts that code back into their original human form using Digistruct technology. To do this it requires mass equal to the traveler’s, so various materials were placed on the terminal’s platform to be used.

We discovered that the terminals are unable to read non-physical code. The total amount of code it received included some physical directions but a majority was neurological systems: intelligence, memory, personality, to name a few. The Fast Travel Terminals were reading the code as entirely physical in property and as such tried to gather more mass. Among the items mistakenly deconstructed were vehicles, houses, people, and local fauna.

When transports were successful, foremen at Dahl mining sites reported odd behavior in recent arrivals. Some had lost memory, or the ability to form coherent words. These are just a couple of the first reported issues. In time, and with increased exposure to an enhanced form of Eridium, these Hyperion victims would become what Pandora knows as psycho bandits.

hyperion logo on side of new-u terminal

stay tuned, more to come.


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