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The Rise of Handsome Jack – Preview

I stood up. Still couldn’t see my wife. With great reluctance, I spoke. “Hey, dummy.” The worker bot was visibly excited by my acknowledgement. This is gonna suck. This is really, really gonna suck. I thought.

Dahl Employees and Former Associates on Pandora

Dahl Historical Society has obtained permission to publish certain information regarding current and previous Dahl employees, as well as persons connected to major events on Pandora and with Dahl. This is yet another effort to further our mission of uncovering Pandora's true history and the events that have transpired.

Vault Hunter Awards

Library of Vault Hunter Award DiplomasWe are proud to award to these distinguished Vault Hunters with diplomas, to recognize their accomplishments and provide proof of their heroism. They are presented here as image files which you can click on to enlarge and save to your computer, as well as high quality PDF files to download.... Continue Reading →

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